Erin Adams

Erin Adams has spent the better part of her adult life crafting things out of fabric, sugar, clay, paint, flour, and dreams. She has been playing roleplaying games since at least the early 90’s, and has been playing Magic: the Gathering since they started printing cards with white borders. Once she discovered that she could turn her passion for Halloween costumes toward Magic characters, she jumped in headfirst into the cosplay pool, and can be found frequenting GPs throughout eastern Canada.

Professionally Erin has owned a gourmet dessert sauce business, created fancy-schmancy sculpted cakes, and stalked the halls of grocery stores, using her creative powers to convince store managers to purchase products on behalf of Wonderful Brands. Erin is married, and has two children that she brainwashes with nerd knowledge regularly.

Erin and samples of her creative works can be found on Twitter @erinsartstuff and on Facebook also as Erin’s Art Stuff. She’s also a mean Limited player. Tread carefully.

Courtney Pozzolo

Courtney learned about Magic back briefly in 1998 and it planted a little seed that would find itself resurfacing in 2012, shortly after getting into the comiccon style convention scene via cosplay photography. Photographing cosplays inspired her to begin creating her own costumes. Courtney has a thing for strong female characters so naturally her first MTG cosplay was Liliana of the Dark Realms, Kekai Kotaki’s powerful battle version. Courtney has since made many costumes but Magic-specific she has created articulating wings for Archangel of Tithe, and Serra Avenger and then portrayed the merfolk planeswalker Kiora. She chronicles her crafting hobby on Facebook at Purple Rogue Cosplay or Instagram at purplerogue57.

Ashley Du

Ashley Du, also known as Undeadu, is an International Cosplayer, Twitch Affiliate, Published Model and Special Effects Artist. She actually fell in love with the art of Magic before learning the game. As a costume designer, she was drawn to the amazing aesthetic of the game and incredible lore. She started playing and has been addicted ever since! Ashley’s love for MTG lead her to work in a shop that sold MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon TCG and board games. It’s here that she found her MTG family and learned just how wonderful the community can be.

Ashley loves making MTG cosplays because of the beautiful designs and the challenges each one presents her. She has started streaming her crafting process on Twitch – sometimes she streams unboxing and drafts too! She loves meeting people at cons and chatting about all things Magic, Pokemon TCG, comics, anime, crafting, gaming, crafting and scifi!

You may connect with her on her socials:
Instagram: @undeaddu
Twitter: @undeaddu
Facebook: Ashley Du – UndeadDu, Cosplayer